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Website Analytics | Google Analytics Management

Google AnalyticsEffective Advertising Solutions uses Google Analytics for our website analysis. Website Analytics and Performance Tracking play a key role in optimizing the success of not only your SEO, Google AdWords, Yahoo! Search Marketing, or other PPC campaigns but also your print, direct mail, internet, radio, and television advertising too! Using custom urls and custom landing pages to track visitors along with goal conversion metrics we can actually measure how many website hits and leads you're getting from all kinds of advertising.

Account setup is a one time setup fee of $150. (You will own the Analytics account, we will both have direct access to it.) Our monthly analytics management program is $60 per hour (2 hour per month minimum) where we can analyze the data on a regular basis and provide web development, optimization, and internet marketing recommendations and solutions as needed.

  • Track Internet, Direct Mail, and Print Advertising campaign success and strategies
  • Receive website visitor statistics, sales conversions, track goals and ROI
  • Use to track success of internal and external SEO
  • Use to determine areas of improvement to increase visitor retention or website form submissions/sales
  • Use to determine areas of improvement for future development of your website