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Dear Client:

We like to poll our clients regarding the quality of our services. We poll all of our clients, and at random times. And because we poll several clients simultaneously, answering can be anonymous if preferred.

We do this because we recognize that our clients have a choice of suppliers, some of whom offer similar services. What has always set us apart, and where our surveys come in, is our unusual ability to listen and adjust to our clients' needs, and by doing so provide the best value possible.

To help keep us on our toes, we need to know how successful, or not, our recent work for you was. And we need to know if things went as you expected, or didn't. Of course, you can always tell us directly, face-to-face. But sometimes it takes a while before you know. Or you would prefer to report anonymously. Our surveys provide this opportunity.

So I would like to ask you to take a moment, check off the appropriate answers, then submit the survey back to me. The survey is completely anonymous, but if anonymity is not a concern, feel free to provide your name along with any specific comments.

Thank you for working with us in the past. I hope we will have the opportunity to serve you again in the future. If I can be of any specific service, don't hesitate to call me directly.


Brian Holmes
President/Creative Director

1. How well have we presented all our capabilities and services to you?
Very Moderately Average Below-Average Poorly
2. How well have we presented our experience and portfolio samples to you?
Very Moderately Average Below-Average Poorly
3. How important has our style/creativity been in deciding to work with us?
Very Important Important Average Very Little Not At All
4. How knowledgeable and professional have you found our staff?
Very Moderately Average Below-Average Poorly
5. How well have we helped you define the objectives of your project(s)?
Very Moderately Average Below-Average Poorly
6. How well have we met the objectives you set for what we've handled?
Very Moderately Average Below-Average Poorly
7. How efficiently did we handle scheduling and production?
Very Moderately Average Below-Average Poorly
8. How have you found the value? (price divided by results) of our services?
Excellent Good Reasonable Little Results No Noticeable Results
9. Overall, how do we rate compared to your experience with similar firms?
Excellent Good Average Below Average Poor
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