SEO and Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Planning and building your website is only half the battle. More than 80% of all website traffic comes from major search engines and directories. The higher your site ranks among important keywords in certain search engines, the more traffic you'll receive. Search Engine Optimization, or SEO for short, is simply the process of improving your website pages attributes and content value, to gear towards impressing the search engines in return for highly ranked results. SEO does not involve paying for Google or Yahoo's bidding system, or paying them to be listed in their search directory. We do offer these services and you can read more about them here, but we want to clarify with our clients that SEO simply does not involve these additional processes.


By analyzing your current website, we can review your site's problems and make recommendations on fixing them to help optimize your website for search engines. No Charge! This is complimentary! DO IT NOW. If you don't currently have a website our custom designed websites are built already SEO optimized. There are a lot of cheap web design companies out there producing poorly made websites. This is something not visible to the eye, it's the semantic html and css coding, and very visible to the search engines. Hire EAS for a professional website design and it will be done right the first time, so you won't have to waste time and money having to fix it up for SEO later.

KEYWORD REPORT — Keyword Research and Search Engine Traffic Report

What search words are people using? This report will detail our analysis of the Search Engine traffic statistics in order to see what keywords and phrases are used and how often as well as the level of competition using the same words. Using this data we'll determine the most optimal 10 - 25 keywords and key phrases your company should use to best target your demographic with internal and external search engine optimization, AdWords, and various other inbound internet marketing strategies. We can even spy on your competition and find out what keywords they are using.
Pricing starts at $250.

POSITION REPORT — Search Engine Positioning & Competition Report

How do I rank for those words, and why? This report uses the optimum keywords/key phrases we choose from the the Keyword Report to determine your websites current # ranking for those words in the 3 major search engines - Google, Yahoo, and Bing. We will be able to determine who your Top Internet Competitors are in each of your primary service and product categories. We can also use this report to determine who your "Top 10 Goal" competitors are and analyze their web presence strengths and weaknesses. From these figures we will place a "score #" against your website in comparison and diagnose the areas of improvement you will need to boost your ranking. Pricing starts at $500.


Once your basic, fundamental aspects of your website have been SEO optimized (outlined in our complimentary website SEO analysis) you will likely want to further enhance your website by custom tailoring each page more specifically. We will first need your Keyword Report to know which keywords to use, and then we will optimize that page with those keywords. Optimization varies and could be minimal or require major reconstruction of the web page depending on the design, content, and length. On-Page Optimization may include optimal keyword saturation in titles, meta tags, content, etc., repairing bad or sloppy html and css code, and eliminating code redundancies and bad scripting. We can also create new content including writing custom copy, new graphics, ad pitch writing, and page architecture organization. Pricing starts at $250/page.