Internet Marketing - Pay Per Click Advertising

Pay Per Click (PPC) Advertising

Pay per click advertising is the text ads or graphic banners you see along the right hand side of the search engine or "Google Ads" that are peppered throughout websites all over the internet. The way it works is you create a few ads, set your monthly budget amount, and then make your first deposit. Your ad would display on either searches for your keywords and/or on websites that we set up as relevant to your service or product. With the exception of a small amount going towards (total times your ads are displayed) you primarily only pay when an actual visitor clicks on your ad and which would send them to a specific landing page on your website.

How much does it cost? Whatever you want to spend! If you were to set your monthly budget to $1,000 Google would set your daily budget to be $33.33 and determine how many times to display your ad based on how often it was clicked in order to spread your ad exposure out evenly throughout the month. At the beginning of every month Google would debit $1,000 for the next month. If you don't receive many clicks then your money will just roll over to the next month (you're not going to lose it.) There is also no minimum budget. In addition, you can run custom time periods (for instance, say you wanted to advertise a weekend promotion heavily only during that weekend.)

Google AdWords Advertising and Yahoo! Search Marketing

Google AdWords AdvertisingYahoo Search Marketing

We can set up, create, and manage your Google AdWords or Yahoo Search Marketing PPC (Pay-Per-Click) campaigns for you. We will design your ad campaign to optimize ad click conversion rates, or other custom metrics. Campaign creation and management includes the input of specific keywords and key phrases (see Keyword Report), creation of specific ad campaigns as well as individual and customized ads, budget management, and regular monitoring, analysis, and optimization for optimal advertising success. We can send you weekly, monthly, or campaign-specific reports so you can determine your return-on-investment and adjust your monthly budget accordingly.

As long as your ad campaign is designed effectively, your ads will not be displayed on non-relevant searches and prospects won't be clicking on your ads unless they're actually looking for that ad's specific product or service. Thus, you have a reasonable guarantee that you won't be paying unless you're getting interested leads sent to your website to find out more information or to contact you. Not to mention, the increased website traffic will bring up your Google PageRank. Now that's effective advertising.

Our Fees:

Campaign Setup: a one-time fee of $150
Text Ads: $75 per ad. (Minimum of 2 ads during account setup)
Monthly: Monthly ppc marketing management is $60 per hour (minimum 2 hours) plus a commission of 5% of your allocated monthly budget—in addition to your monthly budget (which is paid directly to Google, Yahoo, etc.) Creation of new ads and modifying of old ads is included in your monthly management with excess time billed for seperately. If you have a Google Analytics account setup and linked to your website (we highly recommend) then management-maintenance of your Analytics may also be included within your 2 hours.

Campaign Setup and Ad pricing includes complete customization for your company, services, and products. This includes setting up specific metrics, custom (trackable) links to your web pages, and various other metrics that will enable you to get quicker results with your ads. For best results with your PPC campaign, we recommend setting up website analytics to coincide with your marketing in order to determine what visitors are clicking on your ads, and what they're doing once they reach your website. From this point we can measure your goal conversion ratio and more accurately give you your ROI.