8 Reasons to Choose EAS

  1. Effective Communication

    Your Brand and Advertising campaigns are founded with research and analysis, targeted marketing concepts and strategically developed specifically to help YOU be Competitive. SUCCESSFUL advertising is more than just creative or attractive advertising — it’s EFFECTIVE ADVERTISING!
  2. Client Satisfaction

    We pride ourselves on our excellent customer service. We continuously make the effort to maintain an ongoing personal, win-win relationship with each of our clients, and strive to have every project produce testimonial-worthy results. We send out anonymous client surveys in order for us to better address any weaknesses. The greatest compliment we can receive is ongoing work.
  3. Flexibility

    With our focus on helping small businesses (many of which do not have traditional business hours) we are happy to accommodate our client’s schedules and urgent deadlines by being available to work often in the evening or on weekends. Rush completion of your project is often available, if our schedule permits, at no additional charge. This is in addition to our already extended business hours.
  4. Personal Communication

    We strive to have every project turn out as expected and within deadline, so it's critical for us to have effective and efficient communication. We accomplish this by doing two things non-traditionally. One, your contact is the Creative Director handling your projects. We cut out the middle man. Two, we use easy-to-use project management and various services along with extended availability to make it easier to work with us and eliminate most common project communication problems.
  5. Efficiency

    We break the traditional mold by utilizing third-party services so that working with us is more convenient and efficient. Necessary activities such as receiving estimates, signing agreements, paying invoices, and submitting files will no longer be time-consuming hassles. You're able to spend less of your time having to go "back-and-forth," and we're able to save you money by being more efficient.
  6. Quality

    All design is not created equal—especially in today’s financially conservative society. With EAS, you get first-class, agency-quality, visually pleasing, and effective, designs that will professionally brand your identity and produce results. We're not looking to partner up with companies who don't value quality. In addition, our vendors, printers, and internet-related partnerships are also professional companies of the highest quality.
  7. Competitive Cost

    We do not claim to be the cheapest, nor do we claim the lowest prices but when it comes to COST, we can't be beat. Cost is the long term average of results ÷ price. We're sure you can find plenty of companies that are cheaper, but their quality doesn't compare—and your identity and advertising would suffer because of it!!! We offer an hourly billable rate that ranges between 25% and 100% under what other firms with top quality and experience similar to ours charge. We also offer unbeatable pricing on printing/promotional products, and we'll beat most quotes provided!
  8. We've Got You Covered

    We can take care of most of your advertising needs—research and analysis, corporate identity, print design, web design, hosting, media negotiation and placement on your behalf, internet marketing, SEO, direct mail, consulting. We even offer advertising and marketing management services and can help direct your team and be the liaison with your third-party providers! We're even a reseller of printing, internet services, and promotional products. Compare that with most design firms!
  9. Passion

    The Company Founder is also the Creative Director responsible for overseeing all and designing much of your advertising. In addition to understanding and having a passion for the advertising and design side of your business, he also understands and relates to the problems small businesses deal with. When you work with EAS you can tell that we have a sincere motivation to help our fellow small business owners succeed.